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Start by applying fertilizer around the perimeter of the yard first, and then fill in the middle, working in one direction. Then, spread it again, moving in a perpendicular direction. This crisscrossing pattern ensures much better coverage and helps prevent over-applying the fertilizer. "When it comes to spreading fertilizer,” Turnbull says, “too little is better than too much. I always recommend erring on the side of too little.” A heavy dose of fertilizer isn’t only a waste of money, but it can burn and kill the grass.

Mowing your grass has become a part of most lawn owners weekly chore list. Lawn mowing is the most common practice in lawn care. Lawn mowing is also the most frequently done landscaping practice. It typically takes just 30 minutes to mow the average home lawn (10,000 square feet), which is time that adds up. While lawn mowing may seem simple, every time you cut your grass, you are either one step closer to lush and healthy looking grass or crippling its chances of survival. Proper mowing doesn’t give your lawn an attractive appearance, it also increases the density of your grass. When done correctly, you will groom healthy, strong, and drought tolerant grass. Improper lawn mowing can open your lawn up to environmental stresses, making it challenging for your lawn to flourish.