The timer controls which zone is being watered. Choose timers based on the number of zones you have. Keep a copy of the timer/zone assignments (much as you would keep a reference of electrical circuits in a breaker box). Timers can be programmed to run for a specified time and shut off automatically. A rain/moisture sensor feature is available to detect water levels and shut on and off when needed — a great way to water when you're away from home. Some areas require these sensors as part of an irrigation system.
Everyone knows everything’s bigger in Texas and anyone who wants to question the validity of that statement should look no further than Dallas. We just like big things here. We have a seven foot German that we’re absolutely obsessed with, we have a high-definition TV screen that’s literally the size of 3,200 52-inch high-definition TV screens, and we have not just any ferris wheel─but the only part-time ferris wheel that made USA Today’s top 5 tallest ferris wheels list.
Preceded by thousands of years of varying indigenous cultures, the Caddo people inhabited the Dallas area before Spanish colonists claimed the territory of Texas in the 18th century as a part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. Later, France also claimed the area but never established much settlement. In 1819, the Adams-Onís Treaty between the United States and Spain defined the Red River as the northern boundary of New Spain, officially placing the future location of Dallas well within Spanish territory. The area remained under Spanish rule until 1821, when Mexico declared independence from Spain, and the area was considered part of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas. In 1836, the Republic of Texas, with majority Anglo-American settlers, gained independence from Mexico to become a distinct nation

Touching Collin, Denton, Kaufman, Rockwall and of course, Dallas counties, even our city is massive. Come to think of it... our lawns are pretty massive too… and we worked our butts off for our massive lawns. Let’s be real, we all know what the weekends are for─brunch and mimosas with friends and family; not for mowing the lawn and picking the weeds out of the yard.
Some irrigation designs include WiFi technology. You can have the ease of watering your lawn or crop with the click of a button. The power of your home in the palm of your hand. Out on vacation and forgot to set the timer to water the lawn? No problem, many of the technologies carried at Sprinkler Warehouse is made for such a time. At Sprinkler Warehouse, We pride ourselves with being the most shopped sprinkler store for your everyday sprinkler needs. Our catalog lists a grand number of items ready for the DIY to the everyday contractor. With items ranging from sprinkler heads to best practices and an outstanding customer service team, Sprinkler Warehouse if your sprinkler store.

“While searching for a new lawn care service in Dallas, I stumbled upon the GreenPal website. It's seemed to be just what I was looking for because I had left a dozen voicemails for different lawnmowing services all over Dallas for someone to come mow my yard in Junius Heights, GreenPal quickly delivered four lawnmowing estimates from local lawn care services in the Dallas area that all seemed pretty reasonable. I hired the most expensive lawn cutting price out of the lawn care service price list because I was looking for top-notch lawnmowing service. The lawn cutting service came out the next day after I hired them and did a really good job on the yard work and even made recommendations in the yard about other lawn services that I needed. I have booked him for every week to mow the yard for the year. GreenPal is worth checking out.”
The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the spring, when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll know when the soil warms up to 55 because the lilacs begin to blossom and the grass starts growing. For most parts of the country, that means the first feeding should take place by about mid-April. So if you haven't started, now's the time.
We’ve just built a small guest house behind our home in Southwest Mississippi. Red clay surrounds the house! I’ve sprinkled rye grass seed and covered it with hay, but I realize (now) that I need some top soil. What should be my next steps? The rest of the yard is covered with a mixture of Bermuda and who-knows-what. It’s pretty patchy too! (I can’t afford to re-sod the whole 2 acres…)

"Brian Foster is experienced, friendly, and provided my with information regarding steps being taken as the work progressed. My drainage problem/ project was a difficult one and Brian and Blake worked very hard to do what I needed, handling it with professionalism and the diligence required. Now that the drainage problem is resolved, they will be doing additional landscape work for me in the coming weeks. "
Providing Dallas sprinkler systems, lawn irrigation solutions, drain installations and landscape lighting for the following Texas locations in and around Dallas: Addison, Garland, Plano, Richardson, Lewisville, Carrollton, McKinney, Frisco, Flower Mound, Allen, Coppell, Wylie, Anna, The Colony, Little Elm, Melissa, Celina, Farmersville, Prosper, and nearby towns.

Can anyone recommend the necessary amount of time that I should be watering my lawn in Utah? Also, I have small “Bumps” all over my lawn. Could these be caused by some kind of animal? If so, how can I get rid of them. Also, I have some spots in my lawn that WILL NOT grow no matter how much I water or plant seeds etc. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Turnbull recommends giving your lawn its first feeding of fertilizer in the spring—mid to late April—when soil temperature reach 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Your local university extension office can give you the soil temperature in your neighborhood, but as mentioned earlier, a good indication of 55-degree soil is when the lilacs blossom and the grass starts to grow.
Before performing any maintenance, cleaning or inspections on your mower, turn it off and remove the ignition / safety key (if equipped). On a gasoline-powered mower, unplug the spark plug wire(s) as instructed in the manual. If you have an electric mower, disconnect if from its power supply. Make sure all blades and moving parts have come to a stop. Follow any pre-maintenance procedures the manufacturer specifies.