Clean and store your garden tools. All hand tools should be washed, disinfected in a solution of water and bleach, rinses, dried and stored properly. Gasoline-powered tools should be stored and cleaned according to the manufacturers’ directions. Now’s the time to bring lawn mower and other blades in to be sharpened; demand is low, and your tools will be clean, sharp and ready to use in the spring! And don’t forget to hang up those bird feeders now – or make a bird feeder!
"Happy new Ryno customer! Received a quote quickly after filling out the online quote request. Pricing was extremely competitive and I really like being able to pay online. The guys came out after just a couple days after signing up for weekly service. I was surprised how quickly they tackled my yard! They may have been fast but they were certainly thorough. My yard looks great after being sadly neglected. Looking forward to continuing the service!"
In this respect, a lawn care program is best to ensure that your lawn is receiving the best care possible. Dallas lawn services typically bundle lawn services together as a package deal. This works great for comprehensive lawn care and makes economic sense for lawn companies as well. By bundling services into a package, they can send crews out with the same supplies and equipment and offer their lawn services at a better rate. If your lawn has special needs, you can surely find a company that will step up and take care of them, albeit with a surcharge.
★Requires purchase of annual plan. Special price of 50% off is for first application only, for new residential EasyPay or PrePay customers only, and applies to lawns more than 5,000 square feet. For lawns less than 5,000 square feet or for the regular lawn application price for a lawn of any size, please call for estimate. Lawns less than 5,000 square feet may qualify for a first application only price of $29.95. Valid at participating TruGreen locations. Availability of services may vary by geography. Not to be combined with or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Why are 2 1/2 inches an optimal grass height, generally? Well, what you are striving for is a balance. On the one hand, mowing the grass is like "pinching" a garden plant to stimulate rugged growth. So if you are letting the grass get tall, you are not mowing very much, which means you are passing up opportunities to stimulate good grass growth and make your lawn healthier and more attractive. But if you cut grass too short (known as "scalping," for obvious reasons), you stress it.
A tip to make things easier on yourself is to draw a line across one of your lawn mower tires that stands 3 2/3 inches above surface level. Draw an arrow, as well, to indicate which direction is up/down. That way, when you think mowing time might be near, you can just wheel the mower out and see where the grass level stands in relation to your line.
No problem we can handle all of those yard services for you as well, but the weekly or every two week grass cutting is kind of the glue that holds it all together. So that first lawn care services quote that I give you, if it looks good you can just hire me and I will come out and mow your yard for the first time and then we can discuss other yard services that you're going to need to get done to whip your lawn and gardens and landscaping in top-notch shape and become the envy of all of your neighbors. The other thing that can make it difficult to figure out what lawn care services in Dallas are any good, and which ones are not so affordable or even reliable is trying to figure out who has lawn mowing reviews or not. That's another thing that I like about running my lawn care service business on top of the GreenPal lawnmowing app is that each time I do a good job cutting a yard for one of my customers in the Dallas Texas area they have the chance to leave me a review and to let my other customers that are perspective lawn maintenance clientele know what kind of professional lawn mowing service I am. There's really no other way to know which lawn care services are affordable and which ones are not. Also the reviews on GreenPal cannot be faked so you know the reviews you're reading when you get your lawn care service price list or legit in each review is tied to an actual lawn cutting that I have done for a customer in the Dallas Texas area. I am currently picking up new lawn maintenance customers in Preston Hollow, Pleasant Grove, Knox / Henderson, Vickery Meadow, and Winnetka Heights. If you live in any of those parts of Dallas to I can probably offer you lawnmowing starting out at $29 per lawn cutting. Included in that lawn mowing price is a basic lawnmowing of your grass, blowing off the grass clippings, and also picking up any small trash and sticks and debris that you might have in your yard. We will also use a weedeater and trim the grass growing around any obstacles that you have in your yard such as trees, playsets, trampoline or fire hydrant street sign whatever we will leave your yard in a nice and neat shape after we are done cutting it. Thank you so much for considering my lawn maintenance company serving the Dallas Texas area for over 10 years now, I look forward to meeting you in your yard and discussing what options we can implement for improving your grass, landscaping, and gardens.
Your lawn plays a crucial role in the exterior beauty of your home, so its maintenance is imperative. Hiring a professional to care for your grass will help avoid patches, browning and pests or diseases. On average, homeowners spend about $134 on lawn services although that varies based on the types of treatments a lawn needs. Here are some cost considerations when you're looking at services.
Take note that it is the height that the grass has attained that should determine when it is time to mow: it is your lawn's way of giving you a cue (straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak). It would be arbitrary to establish a schedule for mowing based on length of time between mowings. For instance, advising someone to "mow every other week" fails to take into account the growing conditions during that period of time. For example, rainfall stimulates growth in lawns, so the presence or absence of rain will have a great impact on mowing frequency. 

★★ Requires purchase of full mosquito plan. Special price of $39.95 is for first mosquito application only, for new EasyPay or PrePay residential customers only, and applies to properties up to 1 acre. For properties more than 1 acre, please call for estimate. Valid at participating TruGreen locations. Availability of services may vary by geography. Not to be combined with or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Additional restrictions may apply. Consumer responsible for all sales tax. ✧ Guarantee applies to full plan customers only.
This year’s gardening season may be in the books, but there is one last thing you should do before winter arrives. Your lawn, garden and flower beds all need a good clean-up so they can be put to bed for the winter. Weeding, removing plants and flowers as well as debris is an important step to ensure that your gardens will thrive in the coming spring.

The best season for aeration is spring, so your grass can heal after having the holes poked in it. The best tools to use are either a spike aerator or a plug aerator. With a spike, you will poke holes in the ground with a tine or fork. Plugs will remove cores of soil from the grass. The plug will often work better because it removes soil rather than poking holes. Dethatching or power raking moves away dead grass, excess grass and putting holes in the ground and is considered another method of aeration that costs less. It can cost between $100 and $200 depending on the size of your lawn. See how much lawn aeration costs if you have it done professionally.
If you have Caladium, Tuberous Begonias, Canna Lilies, Calla Lilies, Gladiolas, etc., in colder climates these plants will not overwinter outdoors and have to be replanted every spring. However, the tubers or bulbs can be dug and stored over winter indoors and planted again next spring. It’s a great way to stretch your gardening budget. Also the bulbs get bigger and better every year. If you are interested in learning how to over winter tender bulbs and even geraniums, check out Fall Gardening – Thinking Ahead to Next Spring.
One other benefit is that there's a feeling of freedom that comes with using cordless electric mowers. Dragging around the cords of corded electric mowers is a nuisance. It’s also potentially hazardous, with the potential of accidentally running over the cord with the mower. Fortunately, "electric" is no longer synonymous with cumbersome cords. The new cordless mowers are safer and more flexible.
Dallas' skyline contains several buildings over 700 feet in height. Although some of Dallas' architecture dates from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most of the notable architecture in the city is from the modernist and postmodernist eras. Iconic examples of modernist architecture include Reunion Tower, the JFK Memorial, I. M. Pei's Dallas City Hall and Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. Good examples of postmodernist skyscrapers are Fountain Place, Bank of America Plaza, Renaissance Tower, JPMorgan Chase Tower, and Comerica Bank Tower. Several smaller structures are fashioned in the Gothic Revival style, such as the Kirby Building, and the neoclassical style, as seen in the Davis and Wilson Buildings. One architectural "hotbed" in the city is a stretch of historic houses along Swiss Avenue, which contains all shades and variants of architecture from Victorian to neoclassical. The Dallas Downtown Historic District protects a cross-section of Dallas commercial architecture from the 1880s to the 1940s.
Dallas and its surrounding area are mostly flat; the city itself lies at elevations ranging from 450 to 550 feet. The western edge of the Austin Chalk Formation, a limestone escarpment (also known as the "White Rock Escarpment"), rises 230 feet and runs roughly north-south through Dallas County. South of the Trinity River, the uplift is particularly noticeable in the neighborhoods of Oak Cliff and the adjacent cities of Cockrell Hill, Cedar Hill, Grand Prairie, and Irving. Marked variations in terrain are also found in cities immediately to the west in Tarrant County surrounding Fort Worth, as well as along Turtle Creek north of Downtown. Source: Wikipedia Dallas, TX
In contrast to the colder parts of the country, fall is perhaps the peak garden season in coastal Southern California (at least as soon as the heatwaves stop!). Summer is the closest equivalent to your winter in terms of a “down” season but, to be truthful, we can garden year-round. And, yes, it’s exhausting! 😉 I’ve often said that I’d welcome a real winter break to rest, regroup, and plant what’s next.
I just had my yard aerated two days ago and the temperatures went from 70 to 45 degrees. Before I had the lawn aerated I raked up the leaves. Now since the lawn was aerated my neighbors leaves have blown over in my lawn. Is it two late in the season to plant grass seeds? If so, can I just spread the seeds directly on the leaves? Or would it be in my best interest to wait until early spring 2012?
Gas-powered rotary lawn mowers can be divided into two categories: walk-behind rotary mowers and riding mowers / lawn tractors. The walk-behind rotary lawn mowers can further be classified according to whether they’re push-type lawn mowers or self-propelled. Purchase price varies greatly between these types of rotary lawn mowers, with riding mowers / lawn tractors being the most expensive, followed by self-propelled mowers. The push-type mowers are the least expensive because they require you to provide the muscle to make them move.

Brian Hudelson: Yeah, usually what I suggest is to start cleanup after we’ve gotten a good frost and things have died back. Certainly, if you have leaves coming off the tree you can rake those up at any time, but for herbaceous plants, if you want to wait until it frosts then you can start cutting those back. Some people like to leave the material over the winter, because, you know, some of that dead plant material looks really nice in the winter time and if that’s the case that’s fine, but you need to make sure that you remove it before the plants start to sprout in the spring.

Some Service Professionals are employees, franchisees, dealers, or independent contractors ("Corporate SP's") of larger national or corporate accounts ("Corporate Accounts"). In such event, you may be matched with the Corporate Account entity or with one of their Corporate SP's. The above screening criteria is not applicable to Corporate Accounts, and therefore, HomeAdvisor does not screen the Corporate Accounts or Corporate SP's.
Average lawn mowing prices range from about $30 to $80 per visit, depending on square footage, and large cutting projects can cost more as a result. Most lawn care services charge a flat rate per visit for lawn cutting and additional fees for extra services like edging, leaf-blowing or seasonal cleanup visits. You can determine how often the service comes, like once per week during the peak growing season. In terms of seasonal cleanup, a final autumn visit can include mulching or bagging leaves. An early spring visit may be needed to clear winter debris prior to regular mowing. Each service determines its own rates, and it can vary depending on many factors.

And lastly, on the flowers beds, I take the weed whacker and cut back all the perennials. Be sure to leave some seed heads for the birds. As a side note, I love, love, love this weed whacker. It’s lightweight and super easy to use (even for a girl). My hubs loves it too and has pretty much forsaken his gas powered beast for this battery powered one.

If you are aware of the type of grass you have in your yard and are content with its health and the way it looks, simply learn more about how to treat it well. If you are starting fresh, make sure you select a grass that thrives in your geographic area. One good tip is to locate the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood and initiate a conversation with the owner. They can give you a good idea of what types of seed, fertilizer and watering schedules might also work well in your yard.
In addition to what not to do, here are several things you should do. Clean up all leftover debris from squash. Especially if you are subject to squash borers. I find tree trimmings in the neighborhood. If big enough, I collect it for firewood. Small tinder I stack at the end of my woodpile as a brush pile. Small birds love this shelter. I cover it with a single layer of burlap, then put 2 or 3 more branches on top to keep it from blowing away. The open space below the burlap is free of snow. Yard leaves are raked onto the garden, and limed. They will not be turned with the soil until spring. The only thing I do with flower gardens is to plant new bulbs in the fall.
Hardscapes add appeal and value to your outdoor living space. It’s landscaping that uses hard materials such as pavers and stone. There’s no limit to hardscape ideas, from patio to paths to driveways and stone benches. You might need to buy retaining wall blocks when you start up your project to even off your land and prevent erosion. Get a fire pit kit to add a warm and inviting focal point to your hardscape design. Spend time with friends and family in the new outdoor space you built, a cost-effective extension of your home