It is especially recommended that you stick to this rule of thumb in fall (and, to a lesser degree, in spring, but see below). In summer, meanwhile, if can't remember the measurements, err on the side of mowing at a greater height. It is not a bad idea, in fact, to choose one of the higher settings on your lawn mower wheels when the weather starts getting really hot, and just mow at that height until we approach the fall season and the weather starts to cool off a bit.
6. The People: If the previous five reasons aren’t enough to inspire you to hold off on cleaning up the garden, I’ll add one final reason to the list: You. There is so much beauty to be found in a winter garden. Snow resting on dried seed pods, berries clinging to bare branches, goldfinches flitting around spent sunflowers, juncos hopping beneath old goldenrod fronds, frost kissing the autumn leaves collected at the base of a plant, and ice collected on blades of ornamental grasses. At first, you might not consider yourself to be one of the reasons not to clean up the garden, but winter is a lovely time out there, if you let it be so.
Brian Hudelson: Yeah, usually what I suggest is to start cleanup after we’ve gotten a good frost and things have died back. Certainly, if you have leaves coming off the tree you can rake those up at any time, but for herbaceous plants, if you want to wait until it frosts then you can start cutting those back. Some people like to leave the material over the winter, because, you know, some of that dead plant material looks really nice in the winter time and if that’s the case that’s fine, but you need to make sure that you remove it before the plants start to sprout in the spring.
Remove dead annual flowers and vegetables. Dead plants in the garden are not only unattractive, but they can also harbor diseases. Fallen seeds can sprout into next year’s volunteers or random seedlings. You may want such plants or not. Cleaning up spent plants adds to the health of your garden. Compost healthy plant material but don’t compost frost-killed flowers and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and others unless you want seeds in your compost for next year.
Warm-season turf includes St. Augustine, Bermuda, centipede and zoysia. These grasses achieve their peak growth when summer hits its stride. Specific mowing heights vary by grass type and can even be different for different types of the same grass. For instance, mowing height for Empire zoysia is 0.75 to 3 inches, while Zenith zoysia thrives when cut to 1.5 inches, and even those ideal heights vary by region.
How high should you cut the grass when you mow? Well, there is a general rule of thumb for determining what the grass height should be on your lawn. An optimal height for a cool-season grass generally is about 2 1/2 inches. And at each mowing, you should only be removing about the top 1/3 of the grass blade. Consequently, a good time to mow lawns is when your grass is about 3 2/3 inches high.

Every year in summer, the edge that the lawn runs along the concrete gets burned. I have replaced, reseeded, fertilized and put extra water, but it didn’t help. Should I put the flat rubber edging or should I put the vertical edging to stop the heat from the concrete from burning the lawn? Southern Oregon and 2300 ft. above sea level shouldn’t be this difficult.

Very informative article I’m sure that many do-it-yourselfers have gained alot of knowledge from visiting your site. I like that you’ve mentioned about the soil testing that you can have done or do yourself, I’ve found that to be extremely helpful with my lawn care clients that I service. AffordaLawn is the name of my Lawn Service, we service customers in both Missouri and Kansas and doing a soil test along with the first service for new clients have made us alot of happy customers later in the year. Many tell us they’ve never seen their lawns look so good. Kinda makes it easy though when you know what their lawns in need of.

Cordless models work best if your lawn is 1/3 of an acre or less. It's also a good idea to mow the grass regularly when relying on these machines. They’re not effective for larger lawns or for tall grass, since either condition puts a lot of strain on the battery. And pushing them up hills can put a lot of strain on the operator, so make sure you purchase a self-propelled model. Cutting moist grass also strains battery-powered mowers, although, technically, you shouldn’t be mowing at all if your lawn isn’t dry.

2. The Butterflies: While the monarch flies south to overwinter in Mexico, most other butterflies stay put and take shelter somewhere dry and safe until spring. Some butterflies, like the mourning cloak, comma, question mark, and Milbert’s tortoise shell, overwinter as adults. They nestle into rock fissures, under tree bark, or in leaf litter until the days grow longer again and spring arrives. Butterflies that overwinter in a chrysalis include the swallowtail family, the cabbage whites and the sulphurs. Many of these chrysalises can be found either hanging from dead plant stems or tucked into the soil or leaf litter. You can guess what a fall gardening clean up does to them. And still other butterfly species, such as the red-spotted purple, the viceroy, and the meadow fritillary, spend the winter as a caterpillar rolled into a fallen leaf or inside the seed pod of a host plant. If we cut down and clean up the garden, we are quite possibly eliminating overwintering sites for many of these beautiful pollinators (and perhaps even eliminating the insects themselves!). Another excellent way you can help butterflies is to build a caterpillar garden for them; here’s how. Declining butterfly populations are one of the best reasons not to clean up the garden.

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Investing in a service is worth the cost if you're busy and don?t have the time to do it yourself. Lawns mowed to an acceptable length--two to four inches--can handle climate stress, grow fewer weeds and will retain moisture. Prices will vary by location and whether the service is for a commercial or residential property. Urban landscapes will also cost more to maintain. Grass cutting rates will also vary depending on the frequency of mowing. If you have your lawn trimmed too infrequently, it will be more difficult to maintain. They are also based on square footage, though there is a minimum cost. It's also important for lawn care professionals to know if you?ll want the front and backyard trimmed or just one.

Take note that it is the height that the grass has attained that should determine when it is time to mow: it is your lawn's way of giving you a cue (straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak). It would be arbitrary to establish a schedule for mowing based on length of time between mowings. For instance, advising someone to "mow every other week" fails to take into account the growing conditions during that period of time. For example, rainfall stimulates growth in lawns, so the presence or absence of rain will have a great impact on mowing frequency. 
Clean and store your garden tools. All hand tools should be washed, disinfected in a solution of water and bleach, rinses, dried and stored properly. Gasoline-powered tools should be stored and cleaned according to the manufacturers’ directions. Now’s the time to bring lawn mower and other blades in to be sharpened; demand is low, and your tools will be clean, sharp and ready to use in the spring! And don’t forget to hang up those bird feeders now – or make a bird feeder!
The best season for aeration is spring, so your grass can heal after having the holes poked in it. The best tools to use are either a spike aerator or a plug aerator. With a spike, you will poke holes in the ground with a tine or fork. Plugs will remove cores of soil from the grass. The plug will often work better because it removes soil rather than poking holes. Dethatching or power raking moves away dead grass, excess grass and putting holes in the ground and is considered another method of aeration that costs less. It can cost between $100 and $200 depending on the size of your lawn. See how much lawn aeration costs if you have it done professionally.
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And lastly, on the flowers beds, I take the weed whacker and cut back all the perennials. Be sure to leave some seed heads for the birds. As a side note, I love, love, love this weed whacker. It’s lightweight and super easy to use (even for a girl). My hubs loves it too and has pretty much forsaken his gas powered beast for this battery powered one.
Winter garden preparations and cleaning up the garden in the fall is one of the most important tasks for the organic gardener, yet many people neglect taking the proper steps to prevent frost damage, damaged plants, and insect infestations. Use the following 10-step checklist to encourage healthy plants and keep your garden accessories looking great year after year. Although it may seem like just another task to add to your busy life this fall, winter garden preparations are an investment. Invest the time, save money and headaches later!
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